Cycle 2 Week 3

Hey guys, great work last week. Lots of hard work put into the wods. Here is the next week of programming. Enjoy, Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

Wod Music!

Time for a lighter blog post. I recently watched a documentary called "Alive Inside", and it made me think about our relationship with music in training. The documentary took place in old folks homes, or retirement homes. Many of the patients were suffering from dimensia, and were more or less unresponsive, and un-engaging. When asked questions about their past, they were unable to remember. The documentary followed a man who started using music to treat these people. They would find out the music that these old folks listened to in their youth, and play it for them. The response from these people was amazing. Their eyes lit up, and life rushed back into them, along with their memories. It w

Cycle 2 Week 2

Great work last week. Here is next weeks programming. The gym is closed on Monday for the holiday, but if you come in and train on your own, you will find a workout programmed for Monday. Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

How to Get A Better Rack :)

A common issue for Crossfit athletes whether they've been in the game for awhile, or are just getting started, is the front rack position. This position is where we are resting the barbell (and its full weight) on our shoulders, with the elbows pointing straight forward. This position is used in the Front Squat, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split-Jerk, Clean, etc. It is an extremely important position to be able to hold, but it is often quite painful, especially for men with their notororiously stiff upper-bodies. Furthermore, a solid rack position allows us to keep the bar over our center of mass (heels), whereas a weak rack position will cause us to lean forward, moving the bar way from our cent

Creating and Self-selecting Programming.

Programming On Your Own At Crossfit 46 we offer open gym time for our athletes, so that if they are unable to make one of the group classes, they can come in and train on their own. Open gym time is a great time for working on skills, extra strength work, MOBILITY, and completing the daily Crossfit 46 wod from group class that you missed. As a coaching staff we have noticed a number of our athletes performing their own “programming” made up on the spot, or following programming from an online source such as Invictus, etc. While we are not the Crossfit training police, we can however provide recommendations, and some things to consider when “wodding” on your own. Please understand that we ar

The Importance of Recording Your Workouts

In everyones’ training bag, there should be a notebook, or a fancy phone with one of the many apps that have been created for athletes to record their daily workouts and results. It is extremely important to track your progress during each day at the gym. Why? -By tracking your progress, you have tangible and viewable evidence of all the hard work and sweat that you put in each week. “Two months ago, I was back squatting 60kg for 8 reps and this month I hit 70kg for 8 reps. I’m awesome”. It is a great feeling to be able to look back to where you were at, and see how far you have come. This can be motivating to continue training. -It is easy to forget what weight you performed on a certain ex

Fun Week

First off. Fun does not mean easy, so no whining :) The following week we will start a new 6 week cycle with some new movements. Enjoy, Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

Coaches Spotlight- Svenn Winther

Hey C46er's. We are going to start spotlighting members and coaches so we can all get to know each other a little better. First up is Coach Svenn Winther. -Enjoy What is your athletic, fitness and training background: Growing up in Bygland, Setesdal mostly involved fun and activities in the outdoors, nature became a playground. Like everyone else I played soccer for 5-6 years until I got to try gymnastics. Gymnastics allowed me to express physical skill in a broad spectrum of versatility. The years went by and I started studying in Kristiansand, I had started my «bodybuilding career» like so many others but was quickly tired of its’ simplicity, it lacked variance and after years of teamsport

The real cost of getting real lean.

Hey CF46, Well, with beach season coming up, its normal to look in the mirror around this time, and imagine how things are going to look in that bathing suit. It also gets easier during this time of year to start comparing oneself with others, and even comparing with people in the many advertisements which will be portraying extremely fit body images. Through advertising, the average person is made to believe that looking like a bathing-suit model is easily attainable, if you work out a little bit harder, or eat a little bit less of this, or a little bit more of that. While increasing exercise, and eating healthier can certainly turn people into better versions of themselves, in most cases c

May 4-May 8th Programming

Hey CF46'ers, We are going to start sharing our programming on our blog, so people can prepare for their weeks' workouts. This is Week 5 of our first 6 week cycle of programming. In the strengthwod, the reps are lower this week, as well as the tempo, so make sure you are pushing the weights. We are taking the OLY lifts to the next step for the Basic programming by introducing the Hang Power Clean. Next week, week 6, of each cycle will act as "Fun/Hell Week." We will not follow as strict of programming and do some wods which are either longer, famous, gross, or fun. We will also take some time to work on some skills, such as kipping. Enjoy! Work hard this week, Coach Myles

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