Cycle 3 Week 1

Hey 46ers. Great work on the last two cycles. As coaches, we have seen a tonne of improvement in peoples movement. This cycle, we are hitting some "new" lifts. We will start working on the Overhead Squat, Full Deadlift, and the Push Jerk. Enjoy!


What makes someone successful in their field of choice? In the business world we often hear things like, “she’s naturally really good with people”. In sports, we hear it all the time, “She’s got great genes, she’s a freak.” In academia, its often “She’s really smart.” While there is probably a nugget of truth in each of these, research done by psychologist Angela Duckworth has shown that IQ, genetics, and social intelligence are not in fact the greatest determinants of success. What is then? Grit. Grit in psychology is a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual's passion for a particular long-term goal or end-state, coupled with a powerful motivation to achieve their respective

Member Spotlight: Kjetil Karlsen

Our first member spotlight is Kjetil Karlsen. We are really happy with Kjetil's progress so far, and excited to see his growth as he continues. Keep up the great work! How long have you been a member of Crossfit 46, and what made you decide to join? Jeg har vært medlem siden februar. Jeg ønsket først og fremst å komme i bedre form, og da jeg ble introdusert for Crossfit så fant jeg fort ut at dette var treningen som ville fungere for meg. What is your favourite thing about Crossfit 46? Det er måten vi blir coachet og puchet på under øktene og det herlige miljøet som er i boxen som jeg liker veldig godt. What changes have you noticed in yourself since you started at Crossfit 46? Jeg merker at

The Importance of Hydration

Whether you are a couch potato, a recreational exerciser, or a top-level athlete, hydration is important not only for performance, but for basic physiological functioning. Our bodies total weight is up to 60 percent water, meaning if you weigh 100kg, 60kg of that weight is simply water. With this in mind, we will talk about the importance of water in relation to exercise, but remember that water is essential for our daily functioning (mental focus and clarity), all the way down to our bodies daily functioning at the cellular level. Hydration is so important that a water loss of 1-2% of our bodyweight (which is roughly the amount at which thirst is perceived), athletic performance will suffer

Goal Setting

It is no secret that goal setting is a great way to improve oneself in any aspect of life. To ensure that we are goal setting effectively, it is important to consider what kind of goals we set. There are two kinds of goals (outcome and process) and it is important that we use both. It is common for people to only set outcome goals ( I want to do a muscle up), and then lose interest when the goal isn’t reached quickly. However, more time is often spent on thinking about being not able to do a movement, instead of thinking about how it is going to become a reality. Learning new skills takes time, and practise, and then some more practise. If you have a skill which is still giving you a headach

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