Coca-Cola vs. Crossfit, and a rant!

As many of you may have seen, there has been some recent media controversy regarding Coca-Cola and its role in causing Type 2 Diabetes. This came after Greg Glassman, CEO of Crossfit, posted this picture on twitter. Definitely a "ballsy" move, but Glassman is known for not worrying about pleasing the powers that be or conventional thinking. Crossfit as a training regime, and sport, went against conventional thinking in terms of training the human body, and the result has stretched our understanding of what the human body is capable of. It has been an amazing journey. After this picture was posted, Nick Jonas, of The Jonas Brothers (a shitty boy band) fame, posted on social media that Greg Gl

Cycle 3 Week 5

Hope you all enjoy/ enjoyed watching The Crossfit Games! Here is the next week of progamming. Enjoy, Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

The 2015 Crossfit Games

The 2015 Crossfit Games It is an exciting week in the world of Crossfit. It is the 2015 Crossfit Games, in Carson, California. This is a showcase of the top Crossfit athlete’s in the world, from countries all over the world. Each of the competitors at The Games, has made it through the open, which many of you competed in, and then finished in the top 5 of their region at Regionals. The Games Athlete’s represent much less than 1 percent of people who compete in Crossfit. Also, for your interest, there is a Norwegian Competitor in the female division named Kristen Holte, she trains at Crossfit Oslo, and is a great embassador for the sport. Since all of you are Crossfitters, you know how hard e

Hip Tightness, Front Rack Position, and the Couch Stretch + KStarr

CF 46’ers. We have had a couple blog posts about the Front Rack position, which has focused on tightness in the upper half of our body. But, one of the main issues with a poor front rack position is the hips. If you find that your chest comes forward when you either squat, back-squat, front-squat, or overhead squat, this means that you are tight in the hips. This makes things difficult, because it forces the bar away from your center of mass, which is more or less above your ankles. When the bar moves away from the center of mass, it forces us to work extra hard to support the weight. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you are not alone. In today’s society where we spend much of our time

Cycle 3 Week 4

For anyone interested in watching the best of the best do some Crossfit, the Crossfit Games start this week! It can all be watched online! There is one Norwegian competitor named Kristen Holte, who is expected to do big things. Pictured below. Enjoy the week!

FÅR LYST TIL Å GI OPP BRANSJEN og finne meg noe annet!

Fokus på helse og sunnhet har aldri vært hottere. På fredag hadde VG et forsideoppslag om hvordan man kunne takle presset. Jeg måtte stoppe opp og tenke meg om. Har det faktisk blitt et problem eller har agurkene kommet? På Nemo planeten min så har hjernecellene mine arbeidet i motbakke med å inspirere til helse og nå mener mainstream media det blitt for mye av det gode. Hva er det jeg ikke har fått med meg? Hvorfor går det plutselig så fort? Kanskje svaret ligger i det som hjemsøker meg for tiden. Nemlig det urealistiske søppelet i sosiale medier. Alle treningstipsene, hvor lett man får resultater og hvor fantastisk alt er. Det er umulig å unngå når en del av jobben min er å holde seg oppd

Cycle 3 Week 3

Hey Crossfit 46, We are going to spend a little more attention on skill work this week, giving some time to the hspu, and the kipping pullup. Also, get excited for the "7-11" wod on Friday, it's going to be great ;)

Front Rack Mobility :)

Front Rack Time! Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk, Clean, Power Clean, Thruster, Front Squat, Hspu. I think I’ve got them all. What do all of these movements have in common? They will all suffer, and you will under-perform in them if you are struggling with your front rack position. The Front Rack position can be compromised by tightness in the hips, as this will pull the chest forward, but the front rack itself is mainly influenced by tightness in the triceps, shoulders, and forearms. There are a lot of different exercises to perform that can help the front rack, but this one is my favourite, and personally helped me in a relatively short time. Gear needed: A bench, a kettle bell, a mediu

Cycle 3 Week 2

Well, time to sweat out the demons from Palmesus. Let's do work. Happy Lifting, Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

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