Cycle 6 Week 5

"Cycle 6 Week 5 is here, but don't get scared yet, Hell-week is not next week. This cycle we are going to stretch a couple weeks longer to complete this particular strength progression which gives you more time to work on these movements. This week our tempo is quicker, and our rep reps are lower, which means you should be increasing in weight from last week the Front Squat, Deadlift, Single-Leg, and Push Press. For the olympic lifting this week, we are continuing to focus on Power movements to develop speed and power in the pull. With complexes like the ones we have this week, it is best to think of it as technique, skill, and speed work rather than pushing the weights and getting sloppy. A

Cycle 6 Week 4

This week we've got the same tempo and rep scheme. When rep schemes are repeated week to week, this means you should try to slightly increase your load from the previous week which you can check in your log-book. The Logbook You Should All Have smile emoticon! Remember a 1 or 2 kilo increase in a week is great! If you do some quick math, if you were able to continue adding 1 kilo each week for a year, you'd be adding 52kg's onto your lifts. Which would be fantastic. We have been doing lots of pulling from the ground in this cycle with Oly from the ground, and full-deadlifts, so with that in mind, we are going to put that practise to use and hit Diane this week, which is a classic benchmark w