So this is Christmas, end of Cycle 6

46ers, Greetings, and we would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays from the Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff. Here is the next two-weeks of programming. Lots of opportunities to get comfortable with heavier weights, as we are sticking in the 3 rep-range. This is great practise for Hell-Week, which will be the first-week of January. We will test out some 1 rep maxes, and hit some real spicy wods. It'll be a great way to sweat out all of the chocolate that was consumed over the holidays, and a good opportunity to push yourself after more recovery time than usual. If anyone is interested on how to make it through the holidays as a Crossfitter, feel free to check out the blog below. Here are some t

Cycle 6 Week 7

46ers, Dropping down to 3 reps this week for most of our lifts. When we get into that 3 rep range, we should expect our weights to increase as we are nearing a maximal effort. We will stick with 3 rep range next week as well, and then look to hit some PR's the following week. Make sure that even though we are getting heavier, that is not an excuse to let form go astray. The heavier the weight gets, the stricter one has to be with themselves in terms of midline stability, and technique. In this weeks wods you'll notice that they are shorter in nature. Keep in mind that if you do an 8:00 amrap at the same intensity as a 14:00 amrap, you'll probably leave the gym feeling a bit unfulfilled. Any

Cycle 6 Week 6

Same rep scheme as last week, so try to increase slightly from last week. This weeks chipper on Friday will be a high pulse, pain cave workout. With this in mind, think of conserving your energy earlier in the workout, so that you have some gas left in the tank for the 30 thrusters that are right at the end. At the prescribed weights it is unlikely for anyone to go unbroken, so have a plan on how you want to break these up. Midline tightness/stability is going to be key in this workout, especially coming into 30 Thrusters at a fatigued state. Don’t let these reps get ugly, even though they are at the end of the workout. Do what Rich would do and make your last rep look exactly like your firs

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