2016- Cycle 1 Week 4

Hey 46ers, Here is the next week of programming. Enjoy! Food for thought: Are you drinking enough water? Remember that active people like yourselves need to be consuming roughly 3-4 litres of water each day. So get those waterbottles filled, and then empty them, into yourselves.... :) Ps- She drinks 4 litres of water.

2016 Cycle 1 Week 3

46ers, Lots of variety again this week, so lots of opportunities to feel out some movements, and improve upon last week. Question: How do I know when I should increase, or not increase, my weight on an exercise? There is no harm in doing the same weight over and over, but after awhile your body will adapt to this weight, and it will provide very little stimulation to the body, compared to the first couple of times you hit it. So, within the realm of safety, we do want to make sure we are going heavier, when it is appropriate. There isn't really a black and white rule to follow when it comes to increasing weights, but here are a couple of rules to follow to make the decision a little

Cycle 1-16' Week 2

Crossfit 46, Well, open-season is upon us. What does this mean for you? Even if you are not planning on doing the open, or you are doing it but just for fun, or you want to destory every other crossfitter in your gender, things will look a bit different in the programming from now until February 28th. Strength: We will be doing much less Tempo work (yay!). The reason for this, is that althought Tempo is amazing, and so beneficial on so many levels, it is slow, and during open season we want to go fast. But, just because the squats are quicker now, doesn't mean you should let technique slide, or allow your midline to loosen. The faster you go, the heavier you go, the tighter you need t

Jan 11th-Jan 16th Programming

Hey 46ers, Hope you made it through Hell-Week with a smile on your face, a bit of soreness ;) Here is what to expect in our next cycle. Even though not everyone is going to compete in "The Open" we will have an "open focus" for the next couple of months. Even if you don't feel like you are ready, consider going the open for fun. There are scaled versions for every workout so everyone can compete. What this means for our programming, is a bit less structure in our strength work. So, the good news is that you are getting a break from tempo work. However, this does not mean you can relax during your lifts now. When the tempo leaves, the midline stability and strict technique cannot leave. Th

Welcome 2016 + Hell Week

Hey 46ers, I hope you guys had some great Holidays, and enjoyed your extra time away from the gym. We are going to start 2016 off with a hell-week, so you guys can get some new numbers in your notebooks. We just had a break, but not long enough of one that anyone should be "out of shape" all the sudden, even if you feel a little soft around the edges. Go hard this week, stay safe, and burn off all those Christmas drinks and treats. Word to the wise: It is worth mentioning this every Hell-Week, that it is not wise to do 5 days in a row of this programming. The reason for this, is that this week especially we have a lot of heavy lifts, and some real high-intensity workouts that are goi

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