Unloaded 29.02 - 07.03

Mandag 29.02 A OTM 10 min 1. 8 KB deadlift 2. 5 Strict Leg raise/ 10 Plank knee to elbow B 20 KB swing 24/16 16 Kb swing Take away 4 reps each round 7,5 m walking lunge between each exercise 4 burpees 8 burpees.. Add 4 reps each round Timecap 12 min Onsdag 02.03 A Every 2 min x 6 16 steps walking Lunges w/KB B Amrap 2 min on 1 min off x 6 10 x 10 m shuttle runs 8 KB thrusters 8 situps Torsdag 03.03 A OTM 10 1. 8 Goblet squats (21x1) 2. 5-7 Negative pushups (3 sec down) B 20:00 Partner WOD P1 Row 300 m P2 7 KB swing 7 Goblet squats 7 Burpees Pick up where your partner leaves off Score is total rounds of what P2 does

Crossfit 46 Open Week 2/3.

46, 16.1 was a great workout, and I hope you all got a crack at it. Congratulations to those who are competing in The Open for their first time, and I hope everyone involved had fun, and got a good sweat on. We now have 4 weeks left of the Open, so the programming will continue to look similar for the next 4 weeks. More complexity/higher intensity, and less volume. This will allow everyone to keep their CNS primed for high output, but with the reduced volume, it will be less taxing. During The Open weeks, if you are competing, spend extra attention to your lifestyle pieces, as these can become big difference makers. This means to focus on extra sleep, extra calories, extra hydration, a

UNLOADED 22.feb-01.mar

UNLOADED 22.FEB - 01.MARS Mandag 22.februar A Every 2:30 min x 5 10 goblet squat (22x1) 5-8 Leg Raise B «START OVER» 14 min 4 Pushups 6 Airsquats 8 Situps 10 Cal row 12 OH walking lunges 14 Ballslams 16 Kb swing 18 Burpees 20 shuttleruns Onsdag 23.februar Every minute, on the minute, for 16 minutes: Minute 1 – KB Push Press x 6 reps Minute 2 – KB deadlift (use 2 KB if possible) x 8 reps Minute 3 – Alternating Reverse Lunge x 14 reps Minute 4 - Rest 12 min Amrap 60 meter Farmers Walk 6 Burpees 6 Ring Rows 6 Boxjump 6 Leg raise/Situps Torsdag 24. februar A Every 2 min for 12 8-10 KB Thrusters B Intervals 2 min on 1 min off x 5 (do it as an Amrap, start where you finish each round) 20 meter Be

2016 Cycle 1 Week 7

46, This is the first week of The Open, and I hope many of you signed up. If you are taking The Open somewhat seriously and really want to put your best scores up, make sure you are sleeping lots, eating lots, drinking lots of water, and not pushing things too hard throughout the week leading up to the The Open wod on Friday. Best of luck and have fun, Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

Unloaded 15.-22.februar

Mandag 15.februar A EMOM 12 min Bulgarian Split squats (30x1), build up rear foot w/2x20 weightplate :30 sec Amrap H.R pushup (30x1) 15 Russian twist B 90 sec on/ 30 sec off x 8 10 shuttleruns + amrap burpees 10 shuttleruns + amrap jumping lunges 10 shuttleruns + amrap situps 10 shuttleruns + amrap pullups/ring rows 2 rounds Onsdag 17.februar A 3 sets of: Goblet squats 10 reps (21x1) Rest 1 min Ring Rows x 10 reps Hold: 2 sec on top 2 on way down Rest 1 min 7 Strict Leg/knee raise (hanging or lying) Rest 1 min B 3 Rounds for time Row 250 meter 5 H.R pushups 10 Kb thrusters 20/16 kg 15 Ballslams 20/14 20 DU/ 40 S.Skips Rest 30 sec Torsdag 18.februar A Every 2:00 x 7 Kettlebell Floor Press x 8

2016 Cycle 1 Week 6

Team 46, This week of programming involves some opportunities to "go heavy", in final preparation for The Open, and the metcons will also refle ct the style of workouts you will see in The Open. Have fun this week, push into those dark recesses of your pain cave, and get comfortable in there. Next week we will do a de-load throughout the week, so that everyone is fully recovered, and itching to push themselves again. What is a De-load? First off, that's a great question, and I'm glad you asked. Simply stated, in a de-load period the coach or programmer will either reduce the intensity of work for a given period, or decrease the volume for a given period to allow the athlete to recover. T

2016 Cycle 1 Week 5

Crossfit 46, Well, we are less than 20 days away from The Open. For some people, the upcoming 5 weeks are the culmination of an entire year of training, and a chance to see where they stack up against the elite Crossfitters of their region. For others, it is a great opportunity to get in a good workout with a great community at the box. If you are on the fence of whether or not you should do the Open, my reccommendation is that you should. There are scaled and masters versions of every workout, and also opportunities to see where you stack up against people your own age, and level. The Open night is a great event for building community at the gym, and should be lots of fun. We are doing s

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