March 28-April 9

Hey 46, Congratulations on getting through The Open 2016. Hopefully you guys weren't as gassed as Castro during the announcements, and had a fun time. We are back on the gain train now, heading into the summer. We are focusing on muscle endurance/hypertrophy for the next while, so reps will be high, tempo high, and weights lower. This is a great way to get into the off-season, and also get ready for Palmesus! Competition Class- We know you guys do a lot of strength work on your own, so we are going to focus on specific energy system training, to give you guys a different look. Enjoy, Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff.

Must Read Article from Opex Fitness

46, http://opexfit.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/James-Fitzgerald-Feb-24-2016.pdf Here is an article you guys just have to read. It comes from Opex Fitness, which is a beast in the Crossfit world. A lot of top coaches (Cj Martin of Invictus), were educated through Opex Fitness. This article I feel is highly relevant to you Norwegians, because for whatever reason, you guys like pain. Here is a little excerpt from "The Social Guidebook to Norway", which was a thoughtful parting gift from a 46 member. Norwegians enjoy physical pain Or at least it seems like they do Jumping in cold fjord, ocean, or lake (Anne Grete) Rolling in the snow naked Walking hours under freezing rain and wind

Unloaded 14.03-30.03

UNLOADED 14.03-30.03 Mandag 14.03 A EMOM 10 Double KB Deadlift x 8 reps 30 sec negative Pullups/Ring rows (3 sec down) B Amrap 12 min 80 meter Farmers walk 24/20 8 burpees 8 GTO weightplate 15/10 8 Wallballs 8 Jumping lunges Onsdag 16.03 3 rounds: 14-16 steps of walking lunge w/KB Rest 1 min between rounds Teams of 2 3 rounds of: P1: Row 15 cal P2: Amrap Burpees P1: Row 15 cal P2: Amrap Boxjumps P1: Row 15 cal P2: Amrap Ring Rows P1: Row 15 cal P2: Plank position (P1 has to stop rowing if P2 can't hold plank) P1 and P2 work at the same time. Split work as you like each round. Time - total reps (1 rep=1 sec) is score. Torsdag 17.03 A. Three sets of: 8 Double KB Thrusters (2 sec pause in botto

Programming Open Week 16.4 and 16.5

Crossfit 46, Here are the final two weeks of programming for the Open 2016. Two more weeks left so have fun and stay safe. We'll start a new cycle of programming after The Open, and have a work on a strength/hypertrophy bias, to get you all beach ready for the summer! Ha Det, Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

Unloaded 7.03-14.03

Mandag 7. mars Partner up: One partner works at a time, 60 sec on, 60 sec rest. Four rounds for max reps of: 60 seconds of shuttle runs Rest 60 seconds 60 seconds of Push-Ups Rest 60 seconds 60 seconds of Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″) Rest 60 seconds 60 seconds of KB Thrusters Rest 60 seconds Onsdag 9.mars A Every 3 min x 4 Goblet squats 8-10 reps (21x1) Ring rows x 8-10 reps (2 on top,2 down) B Amrap 15 5 burpees 10 wallballs 15 Kb swing 20 cal Row 80 meter Farmers walk Torsdag 10.mars «Tabata» 1 round= 8 rounds x 20 sec on, 10 sec off Alternate exercises within rounds Situps + Jumping Airsquats Plank K2elbow + boxjump Wallballs + Ballslam Goblet squat + Kb swing Pushup + Jumping Lunges Burpees

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