Crossfit 46, Week 8

Here we go, Go hard on Monday-Wednesday-Friday for those sprints! Next week is hell-week, so you'll get the chance to test some pieces out! Enjoy, Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

Crossfit 46 Week 7 Programming!

Crossfit 46, Here is week 7 of our 8 week cycle. Next week we will be dosing in some Anaerobic Lactic Power energy system training. This can be thought of as your short burst/high intensity range, that IS NOT sustainable. Often times energy system training is over-simplified into time or duration of output, but this is missing the mark. The most important part of distinguishing between the energy systems is INTENT. Here are 3 examples of a :30 row, and how different each should feel. Aerobic- :30on/:30 off x 20 @ 80% output. Feel: Sustainable, repeatable, somewhat uncomfortable. A good rule of thumb for Aerobic work is the 25% rule. Whichever pace your are holding for any given period o

Crossfit 46 Week 6/June 20th

Here is the week of programming. This recent article by Opex Fitness resonated with me in a big way, and I recommend you check it out. This article is focused on the benefit of physical fitness for cultivating self-actualization. But, there is a line to walk here, where too much focus on one's ability to perform a physical task, can lead us away from health and actualization. Warning: my comments are slightly anti-crossfit (As a sport)...., but made to provoke thought. Do with it what you will :) http://opexfit.com/spirit-and-mind-through-body/ “….This body is not ‘I’. It is not myself. It is a thing that will degenerate if not cared for. It is an animal that will disobey if it is not di

June 13th Programming

Crossfit 46, Here we go, moving into the second half of our 8-week cycle. The rep-range is coming down, which means that the weights gotta go up. Here is an interesting infographic on intra-workout nutrition. Food for thought...or training ;) Have fun, and get better this week. Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

June 6th Programming

Crossfit 46, Congratulations to all of those who competed in The Battle of the South, and thank-you to all of those who volunteered and attended! Here is the next week of programming! With any strength progression, it is essential that you force your body to adapt each week by putting yourself through something a little harder. For this reason it is extremely important to record your lifts each week, so that you know what you did last week, and can improve upon it this week. Why do we need to increase our total work each week? Looking at things in a vacuum, and not taking into account, lifestyle, hydration, nutrition, recovery, sleep, etc. your body is the ultimate adapter to any stimul

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