July Cycle Week 3

Here is week 3 of our July cycle. If you are itching for the pain cave, and a good push, come out on Tuesday :) Here are a couple pictures to illustrate why although we can learn from the world-class weightlifters, those of us who started after the age of 12, should not try to look/lift like they do. Look at the knee/ankle/chest positioning. How are your ankles? For most Crossfitters, this position with any weight, would be a career ender, or simply impossible without supreme mobility (mobility is one thing, but safely moving through this range of motion with weight require years of strength building in such positions). Only those who have spent a lifetime training will ever achieve such pos

July Cycle Week 2

Crossfit 46, Here we go, week two of the July cycle. Look to improve upon last weeks strength work, which is a repeat from last week. Hopefully you all enjoyed watch the CF Games, and are inspired to get at it this week. On another note, here is an interesting infographic that plainly displays how much sleep you should be getting. Are you hitting your recommended hours in bed? Lack of sleep is added stress onto your system, which is already quite high in today's busy day to day society. One of the easiest and most impactful ways to improve your overall health and performance is SLEEP. Seriously, you just have to lie there, and you get healthy. Don't sleep on sleep. Have a great week,

Månedens medlem Anne Grete Ellingsen!

TRENINGSBAKGRUNN Har alltid vært veldig glad i å bevege meg. Har løpt terrengkarusellen i mange år og løpt mye i skog og mark. Endel terrenghalvmaraton er det også blitt. Med 3 barn har det ikke vært så mye stillesitting. Etter at barna er blitt eldre har jeg også begynt å løpe ocr-løp både i inn- og utland. Har en hund som elsker å være med på løpetur, så løping i marka driver jeg fortsatt med. HVOR LENGE HAR DU DREVET MED CROSSFIT OG HVORFOR BEGYNTE DU? Har vært med siden januar 2014. Var egentlig litt lei av å bare løpe, og hadde et ønske om å bli sterkere. Har ei venninne som trener på cfkristiansand og det virket fristende å prøve. Fikk høre at 46 skulle starte med tilbud om både crossf

New Cycle!

New cycle begins; what fun. There are some atypical movements in here, but remember the more things you can do with your body the better. Competency across broad modalities is real fitness. On a side note, I found this Precision Nutrition blog post quite inspiring this morning as I was eating my fruit omelette. It got me waxing philosophical, so bear with me here. http://www.precisionnutrition.com/weight-loss-success-stories Of course the lessons provided in this article are great, and the stories as well, but what I found most fascinating was the before/after pictures. It's almost a guilty pleasure looking at people in their infinite uniqueness, and also the difference in their eyes

Oops: Hell Week

Have fun, be safe, be smart, don't go 5 days in a row! Who are those beauty coaches? Anyway, Here is an interesting article on some nutrition. The article itself is valuable, and also gives you some insight into how one of the top Crossfitters (Marcus Filly) in the world eats, and how much time/preparation is put into his fueling. Even more interesting is the comments section. It shows how emotionally attached people get about nutrition, and how vile they can turn when you tell them they are eating wrong. And also, how stupid people can be. I am personally not a fan of "If it fits your macros", unless you are a world-class athlete who makes a living off of training. You can be athletic

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