Crossfit 46 Week 8

Final week of our 8 week cycle. Next week is hell-week. Here is some info and ranting on intensity in training: This week there are 3 days of old-school lactic threshold training. This is a rare occasion where we want you to go 110%, and feel gross. This is the training that can make people puke, begin praying to an unknown deity, curse their own mother, cry, or simply wonder if its all worth it ;) (This picture displays perfectly how you should feel) Here is an example of PROPER lactic training with adequate rest periods. Row :30on/ 4:30 off x 4. The intention is that for each :30 the athlete tries to get as many metres rowed in the :30. If done with adequate intensity this should

Crossfit 46 Week 6

Here is some inspiration going into next week. I am a big fan of female weightlifting, because the weight these girls throw around is enough to hopefully make any chauvinist sweaty in his loafers. But, these weightlifting girls also have to deal with a lot of negative attention because they often don't look like female athletes are "supposed to look". Especially the lifters in the heavier weight classes, because to a lot of people who don't know any better, these girls don't look athletic. The speed, power, flexibility, and accuracy demonstrated by the lifters in the top weight classes is truly insane, and their looks shouldn't come under scrutiny. But, I am most likely preaching to the c

Crossfit 46 Week 5

How are those tempo OHS treating everyone? This week we are hitting a ridiculous (9911) tempo. This is almost a 20 second rep, so be proud of hitting this at whichever weight you chose. The Rio Olympics are currently on, and now that all of you have done some weightlifting, you can really appreciate how amazing the lifters on tv are right now. To put things into perspective, here are some of the top lifts so far. Think about the weights these athletes of all sizes are hitting next time those 45kg Snatches are feeling heavy. :) "Remember, somewhere a 13 year old Chinese girl is warming up with your max."- Some guy LONG Qingquan: 56kg Men (123 lbs)- Snatch 137kg, Clean and Jerk 170kg. That

Cf 46 Week 4

46ers, Here is week 4 of this cycle. Some fun workouts this week, and some opportunities to "push", so have fun. Here is an interesting article about a Master's Games Athlete from his coach. Consistency is key, and well, also being retired and able to train all day and fully commit to being an athlete. Here are a few of the things his coach mentioned are needed to be a real athlete, vs. a weekend warrior. Have a look, link is below, and it also includes some of his programming leading up to the Games. Commitment Sacrifice Hard work Pushing limits Matching recovery with work load Nutrition Consistency http://opexfit.com/gary-mckechnie-crossfit-masters-athlete/ Happy Lifting,

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