January 2017 Week 1/Week 2

Well another year is upon us, so accepting complete unoriginality, this is a great time of year to look forward to 2017 and what you want to achieve. Goals big or small are great to set, as they can motivate us to improve physically, emotionally, in our relationships, or in the workplace. By now, we have all heard of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, which are: S- Specific (Gain 15kg in my Back Squat vs. Get stronger) M- Measurable (A goal which you can track and measure as you near it. Losing 5% body fat, which can be measured, vs. “I want to get really lean”) A- Actionable (You can set/plan/foresee a clear path on how to reach your goal.) R- Realistic (If you are currently snatching 45kg, do not s

Crossfit 46 Week 5/6

Here is a blog post some of you might find interesting regarding training for the sport of Crossfit written by James Fitzgerald of Opex Fitness. Although the sport involves intensity, intensity all the time is not the answer. http://opexfit.com/june-3-2014/ Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

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