Crossfit 46 Week 5/6

46ers, One of the main takeaways I have from my nutritional education with Opex Fitness and Precision Nutrition is that if you are stressed, you will not absorb and digest your food properly. What this means is that you might be eating 3000 calories of good food each day, but if you are in a stressed state (chronically or periodically), you will not be absorbing all of those 3000 calories and using them for energy and metabolic processes within the body. "You can have the most organic, grass-fed, locally grown, artisan salmon, broccoli and avocados, but if your body is stressed, you are wasting your money." For this reason your eating habits and practises are just as important as wha

2017 Week 3/4

Here is an inspirational blog post from my favourite weightlifter. Donny Shankle. He is Grit embodied, and rather thoughtful. This blog post hit home for me, as I also did my first cliff-jump in Hawaii. I almost puked or fainted, or both, but afterwards I felt superhuman. Hitting a new PR in weightlifting, a good one, can give that same feeling. Hello dopamine. After your get the technique down, and get strong enough, hitting a PR, even a 1 kg PR, becomes almost spiritual. You HAVE to believe you can do it. If you walk up to the bar with doubt, you've already lost. You can be strong and fast enough to lift a weight, but that doesn't mean you'll hit it. Do you want to reach this next level of

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