Crossfit 46 Week 9/10. 17.2 and 17.3

Greetings, 17.1 is in the books. Very nice to see a non-typical crossfit movement like the dumbbell snatch come into play. Even nicer to see Kristin Holte (pride of Norway) get some FaceTime. She did really well on this workout. This was a non skill-dependant workout, meaning that a non-crossfitter with a good engine and strength would do just fine on this workout, as opposed to a workout filled with hspu, squat snatch, etc. This workout rewarded smaller athletes, as bigger framed athletes like Fikowski and Vellner are simply moving a lot more in this workout than a smaller athlete, like Holte or Briggs. Success in this workout was dependant on aerobic base and muscle endurance. The best

Crossfit 46 Week 7 and 8 (17.1)

Greetings fitness folks, Well it is Open time again. Here are 10 things to consider going into this time of year. 1- Be Smart- Unless you are planning on qualifying for regionals or making some money by winning an open event, risking injury for a few extra reps in an open workout is not worth it. 2- Increase Hydration- By drinking lots of water you can ensure that your muscles and joints are going to be lubricated for the intense work to come. Being properly hydrated will also improve your recovery. 3- Reduce Volume- Depending on how seriously you plan on taking the open, and how much of a "dose" these open workouts give you, it is wise to take it easy throughout the week. If the goal

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