Crossfit 46 Week 13/14

46ers, ^That 90 Thrusters? Face.....^ Congratulations on making it through the 2017 Open. Here is a brief overview of what to expect in the "off-season" in terms of programming. Week of: March 20th-Post-open week will involve light metcons, added mobility, and intense strength to prep us for testing next week. March 27th- We will have a testing week here. This isn’t because everyone should be ready to PR. Following the Open you are less likely to PR because of the toll the Open takes on the body. So, the purpose of this is to gain some base data of where your strength/conditioning is at NOW, with the intention of improving on these numbers in the off-season. April 3- May 29th-

Crossfit 46 Week 11/12 (17.4/17.5)

46ers, Well, now that Dave Castro has decided to include the barbell and c2b, it feels like the first Crossfit workout of the Open. This is a great workout and rewards both gymnasty folks, as well as barbell beasts. The main limiter here will be either snatch or c2b. Proficiency on c2b, as if they are too taxing they will slow you down and fatigue you too much for the Snatches. On the flip side, if you are a ninja, the c2b might be easy, but the weight of the snatches may limit you. Also there are some big jumps involved, such as 135# to 185#, and 185# to 225#. These jumps are larger than most athletes make in training with these weights, since it is close or above the average cf'ers one rep

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