Week 17,18

46ers, ^ Broccoli Wins ;) There is a lot of talk about if it fits your macros. The idea behind IIFYM is that you can eat any type of food, regardless of its quality, as long as you hit a daily total breakdown of fat/protein/carbs. Of course nutrient timing can come into play here as well. So, the crazy thing is, a lot of people look really good who follow this ideology. And that is because when it really comes down to it, in terms of muscle and body-fat, your body doesn't know if you got 24 grams of sugar from sweet potatoes, or a snickers bar. Sugar is sugar, no matter where it comes from. So, if you are able to plan your meals accordingly, you can eat cake, snickers, whatever, and still

New Cycle

46ers, Hey guys, hope you enjoyed testing week, and recorded your results. We'll be revisiting the exact same test week in about 9 weeks, so be ready to compare and smash Pr's. Moving into the next cycle, the first four weeks is going to be a hypertrophy phase, meaning, lighter weights, higher reps, and lots of time under tension. Chase the pump, and get ready for beach season. The 11th domain of fitness (aesthetics), is not to be neglected. Just as this guy below... Here are a couple notes relevant to the next 4 weeks. Tempo What is, and why do we do, tempo training? Tempo, or the slowing down of a movement, is broadly prescribed in strength training to: Develop motor control and

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