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May 31, 2015

Hey guys, great work last week. Lots of hard work put into the wods. Here is the next week of programming.



Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff 


May 27, 2015

Time for a lighter blog post. I recently watched a documentary called "Alive Inside", and it made me think about our relationship with music in training. The documentary took place in old folks homes, or retirement homes. Many of the patients were suffering from dimens...

May 24, 2015

Great work last week. Here is next weeks programming. The gym is closed on Monday for the holiday, but if you come in and train on your own, you will find a workout programmed for Monday. 


 Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff


May 21, 2015

A common issue for Crossfit athletes whether they've been in the game for awhile, or are just getting started, is the front rack position. This position is where we are resting the barbell (and its full weight) on our shoulders, with the elbows pointing straight forwar...

May 17, 2015


Yay Burpees,


Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

May 14, 2015

Programming On Your Own


At Crossfit 46 we offer open gym time for our athletes, so that if they are unable to make one of the group classes, they can come in and train on their own. Open gym time is a great time for working on skills, extra strength work, MOBILITY,  an...

May 14, 2015


In everyones’ training bag, there should be a notebook, or a fancy phone with one of the many apps that have been created for athletes to record their daily workouts and results. It is extremely important to track your progress during each day at the gym. 







May 10, 2015

First off. Fun does not mean easy, so no whining :) The following week we will start a new 6 week cycle with some new movements. 





Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

May 6, 2015

Hey C46er's. 


We are going to start spotlighting members and coaches so we can all get to know each other a little better. First up is Coach Svenn Winther. 





What is your athletic, fitness and training background: 


Growing up in Bygland, Setesdal mostly involved...

May 4, 2015

Hey CF46,


Well, with beach season coming up, its normal to look in the mirror around this time, and imagine how things are going to look in that bathing suit. It also gets easier during this time of year to start comparing oneself with others, and even comparing with p...

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