Creating and Self-selecting Programming.

May 14, 2015

Programming On Your Own


At Crossfit 46 we offer open gym time for our athletes, so that if they are unable to make one of the group classes, they can come in and train on their own. Open gym time is a great time for working on skills, extra strength work, MOBILITY,  and completing the daily Crossfit 46 wod from group class that you missed.


As a coaching staff we have noticed a number of our athletes performing their own “programming” made up on the spot, or following programming from an online source such as Invictus, etc. While we are not the Crossfit training police, we can however provide recommendations, and some things to consider when “wodding” on your own. Please understand that we are making these recommendations with your fitness, performance, and progress in mind. We also spend hours each week working on the group class programming which is designed for Crossfit 46's clients. The basic side of the board is designed to improve peoples GPP "General Physical Preparedness", which can help a person progress to better health and fitness, and also prepare them for the advanced side of the board. The advanced side of the board is designed for people who have the required mobility, technique, and strength for more complex and challenging wods, and prepare them for competing in Crossfit if that is their goal. For the folks who have passed our competition class tester wod, the advanced daily programming is designed for you. 


“Home-made Wods and Strength Days”


As a coaching staff we have noticed a number of our athletes creating their own wods. It is great to see you guys in here working hard, but before creating your own “metcon” or “swod”, ask yourself these questions. 


“How many years of experience do you have programming?”


“How many years of experience do you have coaching Crossfit”


“How good is your understanding of energy systems and applying intensity and time domains to 

reach a desired stimulus?”


“Is your rep range and load conducive to your goals, abilities, and training history?”


“How much attention are you paying towards quality of movement in the absence of a coach, and does your workout allow for sufficient attention towards movement quality?”


“Have you noticed the board in the gym which has a strength wod and metcon programmed each day by a coaching staff with decades of combined experience in coaching and programming, and also makes their living researching, learning, and writing programming?’


Crossfit Invictus, Outlaw Way, Etc.


First off, these are great programs written by excellent programmers with tonnes of experience in the sport of competitive exercising, and olympic weightlifting.


The issue arises when selecting which program YOU should follow. Take this into consideration.


Training History


It is important to remember that if your a female athlete and you want to get to the level of Camille-Leblanc Bazinet, the best plan of action is not to immediately adopt her training regimen. The Crossfit athletes at the Games and Regionals, have spent year building up their bodies' ability to recover from their massive training volume. Most of the athletes at regionals or the Games were previously NCAA/amateur/professional wrestlers, swimmers, gymnasts, football players, etc. which means they spent at least four years x 6 times/week practising for at least 2 hours in their sport, in addition to training in the gym for 1-2 hours. This means that before they even began crossfitting, their bodies were more adapted to a massive training load than the average person. Too much too soon leads to plateaus, injuries, and over-training. 


Your Current Level of Fitness


Most of the online programs that people follow, also offer scaled down versions of their competition or regional program. This is because their competition program is designed for the 1% of Crossfitters. The 1% is the people who have been to Regionals or Games as an individual or on a team, or have finished the open within roughly 50-100 spots of a qualifying spot for regionals (not their country), depending on the region. Consider these questions.


How often are you scaling the loads of the program you are following?


And, is this you? These numbers represent the average of regionals competitors in 2015. 


Crossfit Invicuts offers two scaled down versions of the competition programming, and OPEX fitness offers three different levels of programming as well. James Fitzgerald of OPEX fitness, is CJ Martin of Crossfit Invictus' Coach. 


We hope this gives you some food for thought.


Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff



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