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May 27, 2015


Time for a lighter blog post. I recently watched a documentary called "Alive Inside", and it made me think about our relationship with music in training. The documentary took place in old folks homes, or retirement homes. Many of the patients were suffering from dimensia, and were more or less unresponsive, and un-engaging. When asked questions about their past, they were unable to remember. The documentary followed a man who started using music to treat these people. They would find out the music that these old folks listened to in their youth, and play it for them. The response from these people was amazing. Their eyes lit up, and life rushed back into them, along with their memories. It was extremely moving. 


Music is a powerful thing, and can pull our emotions out of us. When we exercise, music seems to go hand in hand. If I forget to push play on the stereo before a wod, it doesn't take long before someone is screaming for tunes to be played. Seemingly, music gives us extra power, to push through those hard moments in a wod, and more and more studies are popping up to support this theory. Dr. Costas Karageorghis, a sports psychologist, theorizes that music can help us in four ways. 1- Music can distract an athlete from fatigue. 2- Music can act as a mood-altering catalyst (ie: make us feel good when we feel shitty). 3- Music can help synchronize an athlete's rhythm and movement. 4- Music can act as a trigger for learning certain motions and aid in developing muscle memory. So, there definitely is something to the music we listen to when we workout. 


So, here are my top 3 favourite "Wod/Lifting Songs" right now.


1. Glass Candy- Beautiful Object (This is my PR! song)

2. O.T. Genasis- Coco (Coucheron Remix)

3.  The Underachievers- Gold Soul Theory - Because rap music makes you stronger!


I would love to see which songs you guys feel help you push through those last minutes, or get that weight up. In the comments below, share your favourite wod songs and perhaps soon you will here them in class!!!



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