Goal Setting

June 1, 2015

It is no secret that goal setting is a great way to improve oneself in any aspect of life. To ensure that we are goal setting effectively, it is important to consider what kind of goals we set. There are two kinds of goals (outcome and process) and it is important that we use both. It is common for people to only set outcome goals ( I want to do a muscle up), and then lose interest when the goal isn’t reached quickly. However, more time is often spent on thinking about being not able to do a movement, instead of thinking about how it is going to become a reality. Learning new skills takes time, and practise, and then some more practise. If you have a skill which is still giving you a headache, set goals, be patient, and be relentless. There is no “muscle up/double under fairy” or golden cue, which is going to show up and leave the skill under your pillow, you need to make it happen.


As the Crossfit legend Chris Spealler said, “Find your weaknesses, make friends with them, then beat them to death.”


With that in mind, let’s talk about setting effective goals.


The first goal to set is an outcome goal. This is the end result, or target. An example of an outcome goal would be 20 unbroken du’s. It is important to have this outcome goal, but if this is the only goal we set, we are left wondering how to get there, besides hoping and wishing. This is where the next type of goal setting comes in.


The most important goals that we set are the process goals. These are the goals, small, measurable, and attainable, that will lead us towards our outcome goal. If we use the outcome goal of 20 Du’s as an example, the coinciding process goals will look something like this:


Process Goal 1- Buy a rope!

Process Goal 2- Spend 5:00 after each class practising du’s. 

Process Goal 3- Spend some time at YouTube University watching instructional videos, ask a coach to watch you and provide some pointers. 


Here is an example of another goal setting sequence.


Outcome Goal: Ring Muscle Up


Process Goal 1: Focus on pulling/scapular strength. 3 days/week perform 20 reps (broken into as many sets as needed) strict pullups on rings. 3 days/week perform 3x8/side trap 3 Raise. 3 days/week perform 3x8/side db. ext rotation.


Process Goal 2: 3 days/ week complete muscle up progression drills and practise mu kipping swing.


Process Goal 3: Improve core awareness/ stability. 3 times/ week perform tabata hollow rock/ superman. 


Process Goal 4: Improve mobility in shoulders and pectorals. 3 days/week spend 5-10:00 on shoulder mobility. 


Process Goal 5: Spend some time on Youtube University watching instructional videos, and ask a coach to watch you and provide pointers. 


Hopefully that gives you something to think about. Find those weaknesses, and make them your strengths. 


Happy Training,


Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff


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