The 2015 Crossfit Games

July 21, 2015



The 2015 Crossfit Games


It is an exciting week in the world of Crossfit. It is the 2015 Crossfit Games, in Carson, California. This is a showcase of the top Crossfit athlete’s in the world, from countries all over the world. Each of the competitors at The Games, has made it through the open, which many of you competed in, and then finished in the top 5 of their region at Regionals. The Games Athlete’s represent much less than 1 percent of people who compete in Crossfit. Also, for your interest, there is a Norwegian Competitor in the female division named Kristen Holte, she trains at Crossfit Oslo, and is a great embassador for the sport. 


Since all of you are Crossfitters, you know how hard everything they will be doing this weekend is, so you will be able to appreciate their feats of athleticism much greater than the average viewer. To give you an idea of how fit these people are, here are some events from last year: In the final event, after 4 days of multiple events, they completed Double Grace, which is 60 Clean and Jerks at 60kg for the men, and 45 kg for the women. The male winner, Rich Froning completed the workout in 5 minutes and 5 seconds. The heaviest weight lifted by a female in the max Overhead Squat Event was 114kg, and the top male weight lifted in the Overhead Squat by both Matt Fraser and Rich Froning was 171kg. Needless to say, these people are awesome to watch. Everything can be viewed online at on a live stream. However, California is about 8 hours behind us, so you may need to stay up late to watch some of the events live. 



So, now there is something to keep in mind while watching these beasts! You will want to say, “They are freaks.” Or, “They’re on something”, and you might even think to yourself, “I will never be able to do any of that.” But, before you start thinking that way, consider this. Of course these are gifted athletes, but all of them were beginners at some point, just like you. And even if they were new to Crossfit and got good quite quickly, they had a large training history in another sport, or similar training of some kind. So, when they call someone a “rookie”, it doesn’t mean they started Crossfit a year ago having never lifted a weight. They may be relatively new to Crossfit, but they were likely a college level athlete, or high level athlete of some other kind. You can also be ensured, that as gifted as they may be, they spend hours upon hours each week training for this one weekend. A recent Crossfit interview spoke about the amount of training that the Regional athlete’s are putting in. It’s 5-7 days a week of 3 hours of lifting/training, and an additional 60-90 minutes/day of mobility. That is a lot, and most of the people training this amount at regionals don't make it to The Games. 


So, what am I getting at? Don’t determine your athletic potential just yet. You don't know what you are capable of. You may not ever end up at The Games, but it’s quite likely you are capable of far more than you think you are. To better illustrate my point, here are the stats of “The Fittest Man on Earth”, Rich Froning in 2010, when he made his first Crossfit Games appearance, and then his stats from 2012. His 2010 stats are impressive, but today in 2015, now that people have put in a couple years of focused, purposeful training, these stats are actually quite common.


As a competitive crossfitter, I look at these stats from time to time as inspiration for a couple of reasons. When looking at his 2010 stats, remember he was considered the 2nd fittest man on the planet after finishing 2nd at The Games. If I looked at these stats in 2010, I would have been convinced these were impossible for someone like me. After some years of training, I have come close or reached most of these stats, and even surpassed some. And, this is coming from a guy who couldn't overhead squat with a wooden stick when I first entered a Crossfit gym. Secondly, by looking at his 2012 stats you can see how much he improved. So, it also serves as a reminder for me not to look at myself today, and think I've reached my potential, instead it makes me excited for the future, and seeing what I am capable of with another two years of hard work.



Rich Froning 2010

Weight- 185 lbs

Fran- 2:30


Fight Gone Bad- 375

Clean and Jerk- 255lbs

Snatch- 200lbs

Deadlift- 455lbs

Back Squat- 365lbs


Rich Froning 2012

Weight- 195lbs

Fran- 2:17

Grace- 1:20

Fight Gone Bad- 504

Clean and Jerk- 325lbs

Snatch- 270lbs

Deadlift- 525lbs

Back Squat- 425 lbs 


So, if you have some spare time this weekend, grab the laptop, pour yourself a coffee, eat some Paleo Donuts... and marvel at the beauty of human athletic potential. And heck, maybe even get inspired :)


Coach Myles




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