Coca-Cola vs. Crossfit, and a rant!

July 30, 2015

As many of you may have seen, there has been some recent media controversy regarding Coca-Cola and its role in causing Type 2 Diabetes. This came after Greg Glassman, CEO of Crossfit, posted this picture on twitter. 


 Definitely a "ballsy" move, but Glassman is known for not worrying about pleasing the powers that be or conventional thinking. Crossfit as a training regime, and sport, went against conventional thinking in terms of training the human body, and the result has stretched our understanding of what the human body is capable of. It has been an amazing journey. 


After this picture was posted, Nick Jonas, of The Jonas Brothers (a shitty boy band) fame, posted on social media that Greg Glassman was being insensitive and that Coca-Cola does not lead to type 2 diabetes. It was later revealed that Nick Jonas has been funded by Coca-Cola on numerous occassions, which Glassman had no trouble pointing out. When questioned by the talk show Good Morning America, his reply was, "Fuck Nick Jonas". Amen brother!


Greg Glassman might seem like a harsh dude out of all this, but to be honest, I gained even more respect for the man. He is taking a stand against something that is known to be dangerous, and a large contributor to obesity rates in America and across the world, which cost tax payers millions of dollar each year in preventable sickness and disease. 


Is Coca-Cola that bad? Simple answer: Yes!!! Take a look at what happens to our body when we drink a coke! 


My thoughts on sugar ladened products like coke?


The research is out, the debate should be over whether or not humans should be consuming something that you can clean a car-engine with. We know how unhealthy it is. How unnecessary it is. How much money it costs the government in health-care due to obesity rates and related disease/illness. And, how much money is made off of it. 


If it is so bad, why is it so prevalent? 


Because there is huge money to be made off of it. That is the reason. Coca-Cola has deep pockets, and aren't afraid to "invest" some of it in keeping their products on the shelves of homes everywhere. They are involved in politics, just like tobacco companies were. 


My Dream?


I view companies like Coca-Cola no different than I view cigarette companies. Sugar companies (let's call them that), have a hold on media, with their brilliant advertising, that can be likened to the persuasive media influence tobacco companies had years ago. They are both companies or industries that profit off of slowly killing its customers, and then try to wipe their hands clean of their undeniable influence. 


I hope that some day, products like Coca-Cola are taxed as heavily as tobacco products are today. Does that seem extreme? Perhaps to some, but we know that the habitual consumption of products like Coca-Cola greatly reduce a persons health, and can lead them into a hospital bed, so why would our health-care systems be run dry by something preventable, while the industry/companies that produce the poison get rich? If Tobacco is taxed, sugary drinks should be as well.


Respect your body, respect yourself. 


Coach Myles,


Crossfit 46. 



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