Oly Course Wrap Up!!!

September 1, 2015





We just wrapped up our first Olympic Lifting course, and it was great to be a part of. I learned a lot as a coach, and hope all the participants learned as well. We had a good range of members in terms of lifting experience, from brand new to Olympic Lifting, to some who have been playing with the lifts for awhile already. Everyone's numbers increased significantly over the course of the six weeks. 


Mads- Mad's was one of our more experienced lifters coming into the course. He was able to make huge improvements from already impressive numbers by focusing on technique, and a more efficient bar path. Mads added 5 kgs onto his Clean and Jerk (110kg to 115kg), and had a massive leap on the snatch jumping from 80kg to 95kg in just six weeks. #Gainz 




Ase Marie- Ase also needed to improve bar efficiency, and get rid of the dreaded "hitch and bounce". In addition to this, the extra programming addressed some strength/stability issues in the front squat. Ase put 2 kg on her Clean and Jerk, moving from 60kg to 62kg, and jumped a huge 11kg in the Snatch moving from 39kg to 50kg. Great work Ase. 




Jan Christian- Jan was quite new to Olympic lifting before the course and didn't seem to comfortable getting under weights. Jan's lifting improved in terms of efficiency, overall strength, and simply getting comfortable throwing around bigger weights. Bringing speed and intensity into Jan's lifting really improved his numbers in the final weeks. Jan added a freaky 25kg onto his snatch moving from 30kg to 55kg. His Clean also improved at a freakish pace climbing from 60kg, to 90kg. That's 30kg. Boom!





Kine- Our smallest big lifter. Kine was also new to Olympic lifting before the course and had no previous Pr's. Kine made great improvements in technique as she became more comfortable with the movements and ended the course looking like a seasoned vet! Great job Kine. From the beginning of the course Kine went from 30-35kg in the Snatch, and from 40kg-50kg in the Clean and Jerk. 



Anette- 46 staff member Anette was new to Olympic lifting and like Kine had no previous PR's in the olympic lifts. Annette needed lots of work in smoothing out her technique (ridding herself of the hitch and bounce), and learning the basics of the movements. Over the six weeks Anette became a fearless lifter, even if she showed zero emotion :). She moved from 35kg to 43kg in the Snatch, and from 50kg to 57kg in the Clean and Jerk. 




Our final day was lots of fun, as everyone attempted new personal records in the lifts. Each of their PR's felt like one of my own. Although everyone improved a tonne, this was truly just the start for these lifters on their olympic lifting journey. These lifts take a lifetime to master. The atmosphere was great, and I am looking forward to the next OLY course already. 


Great Job Guys, 


Coach Myles




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