Cycle 6 Week 6

December 5, 2015


Same rep scheme as last week, so try to increase slightly from last week. This weeks chipper on Friday will be a high pulse, pain cave workout. With this in mind, think of conserving your energy earlier in the workout, so that you have some gas left in the tank for the 30 thrusters that are right at the end. At the prescribed weights it is unlikely for anyone to go unbroken, so have a plan on how you want to break these up. Midline tightness/stability is going to be key in this workout, especially coming into 30 Thrusters at a fatigued state. Don’t let these reps get ugly, even though they are at the end of the workout. Do what Rich would do and make your last rep look exactly like your first. 


Why do we spend so much time on the same movements: 


Squatting again? RDL again? More wall-balls? Why do we do thrusters every week? If you have ever had these thoughts, you’re not alone. Sometimes you might even be picturing your programmer writing workouts while drinking tea, wearing a kimono, petting a skinless cat, and laughing maniacally every time he types thrusters, or burpees. As evil as programming may seem, it comes from a good place. Here is an explanation of why you see the same movements so often.


-Simply put, until a movement is mastered, it needs a lot of practise. Lots and lots of practise. This is because the body needs to build the required strength, develop efficient movement patterns, muscle memory, and acquire a mental understanding of the movement and how it should feel each time. One can easily reference the rule of 10,000 which states that most experts in sports, music, dance, etc. all have spent at least 10,000 hours practising their craft with definite intention of improvement. As an athlete progresses into mastery of a movement, the dosage of that movement changes. Now instead of spending a lot of time on a few movements, instead they will spend a little bit of time on a lot of different movements. 


--On the other hand, some movements are simply awesome for GPP (general physical preparedness), which is the goal of 90% of people who enter a box. For example the staple lifts of the back squat, power clean, deadlift, pullup are all great strength builders, and elicit a great hormonal response in our bodies. Other movements such as the burpee, rowing, running, are hard to beat in terms of increasing HR. If it works, we use it. Lots.


---Lastly in the sport of Crossfit, there are certain movements that are almost always going to be in the open, and competitions, so it makes sense to spend time on them each week. This is the case with wall-balls, box jumps, pull-ups, t2b, du’s etc. One must master the basics before worrying about the next step. 





Enjoy the week,

Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff

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