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March 14, 2016


Here is an article you guys just have to read. It comes from Opex Fitness, which is a beast in the Crossfit world. A lot of top coaches (Cj Martin of Invictus), were educated through Opex Fitness. This article I feel is highly relevant to you Norwegians, because for whatever reason, you guys like pain. Here is a little excerpt from "The Social Guidebook to Norway", which was a thoughtful parting gift from a 46 member. 

Norwegians enjoy physical pain
Or at least it seems like they do
Jumping in cold fjord, ocean, or lake (Anne Grete)
Rolling in the snow naked
Walking hours under freezing rain and wind
Jogging on ice at night during winter
Pain does not really exist anyway
This is not a sufferance
It is enjoyement
And it provides a boost to your social status on Monday morning at work.


My belief in Norwegians strange relationship with pain was further supported by 46's own Anita Dalen who told me one of her Family's Christmas Holiday traditions is hill sprints. My family would put me up for adoption if I suggested such a thing. 


Now, I have to admit that I respect, enjoy, and understand the Norwegians love of self-induced pain because I share that same gene. I might even venture to say that this Norwegian-Pain-Loving trait is a large part of why Crossfit has exploded in Norway. This is a positive thing, no doubt, but it can also be a potentially harmful and progress stealing trait after a certain point. Just like with cookies, wine, and brown cheese, pain and suffering is all well and good, but only to a point.

The attached article here discusses the difference between Testing and Training, and how the two should look different. If a person is always pushing themselves to that "testing" limit, they will plateau, have trouble learning skills/technique, or end up over-trained. Piano players don't start learning a new piece of music at full-tempo, they start much slower, learn it in sections, and eventually after many reps at a "training pace", they can perform it at full-speed.  Also, for training some energy systems, it cannot be done at 100%, because then it is an unsustainable effort. As Fitzgerald mentions in the article, the 100% output (testing mentality) every workout, every day, only works for absolute beginners and the top 5% in the world who are going to be on Tv in a couple months at The Games. For normal folks, our bodies are simply not prepared for that amount of stress on a regular basis, and end up in a chronically fatigued state. Read this article, and see how it relates to your training, and how you approach your work in the gym. 


Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff 

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