April 11-April 23 Programming

April 6, 2016

Crossfit 46,

Here is the next two- weeks of programing, get better everyday!!

Take a look at the picture below. It may shed some light on why your squat does not, and will never look, like Rich Fronings. Femur length and its influence on squat mechanics is well-known and discussed among those educated in the fitness world, but the average person generally does not know that no matter how much mobility they do, they will never look like some of the top athletes they see on tv. This leads to unrealistic squat expectations. Generally speaking, people with shorter femurs (Mat Fraser Cf Games), will have an easier time squatting, and it will also look better because they are able to keep their chest vertical. Those who have long femurs (Annie Thorisdotir CF Games) will have more difficulty getting into a good squat position (especially with poor hip mobility), and will have a much more difficult time keeping their chest up during a squat.
 It is essential for people with long femurs to focus on hip and ankle mobility to help with squatting form, however, no matter how much work you put in, it will be difficult to "look" like the squatters with short femurs. However, looks aren't everything, and although your squat might not look perfect, you will still be able to get stronger, lift big weight, and stay safe. Things will just look a little different, and that is OK!!! 





Have a great week,

Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff




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