New Cycle. Warning: Gains on the horizon!

May 13, 2016



Crossfit 46,


Hope you enjoyed testing week and got some new numbers to smash next time we test-out.

 We are moving into a new cycle, and the over-arching themes are absolute strength, and aerobic base. Depending on people's training history, these two areas of overall fitness are often over-looked in the Crossfit world. Absolute strength can be thought of as slow or strict strength (think squats, deadlifts, presses, etc.). Unless you were a bodybuilder for 5 years before starting Crossfit, you need more slow strength work. For success in the olympic liftings (speed strength), a strong base of absolute strength is essential, and will also keep you safe. This applies to any fast movements like kipping pull-ups, and hspu. Without an adequate strength base, injury or stagnation is around the corner. Strong before fast, strict before kipping. Enjoy these lifts, and revel in the slow tempo, you can almost feel your body getting stronger with each rep. It is common for people to "gas out" in metcons, and blame their muscles. "I just don't have any muscle endurance". For un-trianed folks this can be the case, as their muscles simply aren't ready for the amount of volume required in a given piece of work. But, if you are strong, and are gassing out doing box jumps, body-weight movements, and light barbell work, it likely isn't an issue with your muscle endurance. It is a lack of aerobic base. Your aerobic base will determine how well you recover between intense bouts of activity, or even each different movement in a metcon.

It is important to know the difference between lactate threshold work, and aerobic work. The bulk of a persons training, even if they are competitive, should be aerobic based, not lactate (this is too taxing to recover from on a regular basis). To properly "go aerobic" it is important that whichever pace you chose it is repeatable, sustainable, and it doesn't leave you in a heap on the floor when the clock stops. Thanks to social media promoting training that is eye-catching and gets clicks, many think that to get better you need to go 110% everyday, in every workout. This is wrong, and will lead to chronic fatigue, injury, or long lasting plateaus. If the majority of your training is lactate threshold training (for time, as hard as possible, etc), you are not training your body to thrive, you are literally training your body to survive, as it is being put into fight or flight mode too often. In nature when animals are constantly stuck in this mode, they literally crawl into a hole and die, because of exhaustion. If you are serious about your progress, know that too much lactate threshold work will stagnate or severely slow your gains in strength and power. We can leave the conversation their for now, and let you all chew on that for a bit. It might seem crazy to think, you can go less hard, and get better results? Try it out, and see how you feel. 

For some additional reading, here is a great article from Opex Fitness on aerobic endurance training.

Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff,







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