Week 3

May 27, 2016




Are you guys checking out regionals this weekend. One of my favourites, (and future spouse :)), Kristen Holte of Norway, is off to a great start. Hope to see her make a return to the Games this year. 



Strength movements will remain the same this week, but the rep-range is going to be lower. It is important to check back into your book from last week, and make sure you aren't doing the same weight, for less reps. This = no gains. Listen to your body, but sometimes your body will tell you lies. Going by "feel" works when you are new, but after awhile, you will get stronger, and be able to move weights that always feel heavy. This can lead to plateau's simply by not increasing weight by fear, or lack of attention. Now, we don't want you to load up a bunch of weight and hope for the best with knees and hips sticking out all over the place. The tempo prescription is a good indicator of whether or not a weight is appropriate. If you are able to maintain strict/perfect (for you) form, and hit the top number of reps (10 reps in 4 sets of 8-10), it means you got some work today, but you could have gone heavier. If you add weight, but find that on your third set you hit only 8 reps, that is likely an appropriate weight for your final two sets. Also, if you add weight, but then are no longer able to maintain perfect tempo throughout, the weight is too heavy. It takes time, practise, and experience to really know what your body is capable of, but with keeping safety in mind, it is essential to push yourself (within the ranges of good technique), if you want to improve your fitness. 

Here is a great article that is beneficial for everyday fitness enthusiasts. We harp on this a lot, but the average Crossfit gym is filled with over-training. The wording in this article is important too, because it is actually quite hard to truly over-train the body, but it is really easy to under-repair the body, which means those extra hours your are spending in the gym are completely wasted. Quality over quantity wins every-time. Give it a look!






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