June 6th Programming

June 4, 2016

Crossfit 46,

Congratulations to all of those who competed in The Battle of the South, and thank-you to all of those who volunteered and attended!




Here is the next week of programming! With any strength progression, it is essential that you force your body to adapt each week by putting yourself through something a little harder. For this reason it is extremely important to record your lifts each week, so that you know what you did last week, and can improve upon it this week. 

Why do we need to increase our total work each week? Looking at things in a vacuum, and not taking into account, lifestyle, hydration, nutrition, recovery, sleep, etc. your body is the ultimate adapter to any stimulus, and strength is no different. You can relate strength training to a nasty smell in a greasy room. When you first walk in, it takes you back, you can barely stand it, but after an hour hanging out in there, you no longer notice the smell. Strength training is no different. If you always back squat 5 sets of 5 with 60kg, your body will eventually become adapted to the stress provided from this stimulus and no change or adaptation will occur. 

To give you a numerical description of what this looks like, we can use Back Squats as an example. 

The prescription for week "a" is: warmup, followed by 3 sets of 10-12 reps @ (3211).

Let's say Gary (fictional character) warmups, then uses 60kg, 65kg, and 67.5kg, all for 12 reps.  If we multiply each weight by the reps completed, and add them all together, this means that Gary lifted a total of 2310kg. 

For Gary to force adaptation in his lift next week he needs to perform more total work. This can be done by either increasing load, or increasing volume. Both will work, and with novice- to intermediate populations it is often the case that both load and volume can increase each week. 

So, in week "b", the prescription is: warmup, followed by 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps @ (3211). 

Load- Let's say Gary feels spicy this week and lifts 65 x 12, 67.5 x 12, and 70 x 12. His total work completed this week is 2430kg. Total work has increased. 

Volume- Gary lifts 60x12, 65x12, 67.5 x 12, and 70 x 10. His total work is 3010kg. As you can see, it is much easier to increase total work completed by adding volume rather than load. Adding in an extra set at a comfortable but challenging weight, is in most cases the better method of completing more total work, rather than loading up weigh to go heavier, often at the cost of movement quality. 


 Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff




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