Crossfit 46 Week 6/June 20th

June 13, 2016

Here is the week of programming.



This recent article by Opex Fitness resonated with me in a big way, and I recommend you check it out. This article is focused on the benefit of physical fitness for cultivating self-actualization. But, there is a line to walk here, where too much focus on one's ability to perform a physical task, can lead us away from health and actualization. Warning: my comments are slightly anti-crossfit (As a sport)...., but made to provoke thought. Do with it what you will :)

“….This body is not ‘I’. It is not myself. It is a thing that will degenerate if not cared for. It is an animal that will disobey if it is not disciplined. It is mine for a short time only and during this time, I must make the fullest use of it. In all things, at all times, it must obey me. I can and will be forged by discipline. By meditating on such notions as these, we establish the right mental attitude. But the connection between mind and body must be forged by discipline. It is good to accustom this body to hard physical work. We should endeavor to acquire a rich repertoire of bodily skills.”
-JG Bennett

I believe there is more benefit to physical fitness than just looking good, and being stronger than your peers. More importantly, having faster times, and lifting more weight, does not necessarily mean you have mastered fitness, or are cultivating health. If you focus on mastery in your physical fitness life (nutrition, sleep, hydration, beautiful movement, stress reduction), you will develop skills, and mental well-being that will last a life-time. It is important to keep things in perspective, and if you are 25 years old, what is more important; being super fit from the age of 23-28, and then resigning to a life of stiffness, OR, focusing on being as fit at 45 as you were/are at 25. Or looking as good at 45 as you did at 20? Remember, fitness is not a sprint. It's a long walk, with weight. Fitness should compliment your life as a whole, and if it is diminishing rather than enhancing your life outside of the gym, what is the point? 

You may think that concerns of health don't apply to you because you are a Crossfitter, and you exercise 6 days a week, but are you sure this is healthy? After a recent illness which side-lined me for almost 6 months after spending the past 8 months/lots of money on training for competition goals and then being unable to compete for these goals, I was forced to re-evaluate my relationship with fitness, and take an assessment on my goals and my motivations for these goals. Were they really healthy? How was I defining fitness? WHY did I feel the need to compare to the unicorns (genetic freaks,drug-users, people who are able to dedicate 20-30 hours a week in the gym)? Would I be more fit, if my Fran time was lower, but I didn't need to rely on 4 cups of coffee each day to make it through training? Why wasn't I focusing on being a better version of myself in and outside of the gym? Ask yourself some of these questions...

-How does Crossfit fit into your life? 


-Does it compliment your life, improve your life, energize your life, or does it control your life, and take all of your energy leaving you with little left for your family, work, and relationships? 

-Who is more fit? Someone who can perfectly back squat 225, or squat 255 with ugly form? 


-What is the point of fitness if you only experience it within the confines of your gym?


-Why have a fantastic body if you don't have the time/energy to share it with someone else? 


-Does it really matter if you can squat 225 and not 255? Will this change the quality of your life?


-Are you relying on stimulants (coffee, red bull, pre-workout, snus) to make it through the week of training? 

-Is the amount of sacrifice in line with the "reward"?

-Unless you are making money from exercising (do you know ANYONE on a personal level who makes their living off of being fit?, I sure don't), should you really be dedicating all of your life's energy on performing a physical task better than other people?


*Or, should you find a balance, where your training enhances all other aspects of your life? 

Hopefully these thoughts didn't ruffle any feathers too badly, but I encourage you to ask yourselves these questions, and perhaps redefine your relationship with fitness, and take a larger and longer view. For example: A fast Fran time does not necessarily = health, and only shows mastery in an extremely small aspect of fitness. 




HAPPY lifting,

Myles Jeffers- These views are not necessarily shared with the entire Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff ;)





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