Crossfit 46 Week 7 Programming!

June 25, 2016

Crossfit 46,



Here is week 7 of our 8 week cycle. Next week we will be dosing in some Anaerobic Lactic Power energy system training. This can be thought of as your short burst/high intensity range, that IS NOT sustainable. Often times energy system training is over-simplified into time or duration of output, but this is missing the mark. The most important part of distinguishing between the energy systems is INTENT. 

Here are 3 examples of a :30 row, and how different each should feel.

Aerobic- :30on/:30 off x 20 @ 80% output. Feel: Sustainable, repeatable, somewhat uncomfortable. A good rule of thumb for Aerobic work is the 25% rule. Whichever pace your are holding for any given period of time, should be a pace at which you could sustain for 4x the length you are rowing. So, if I am rowing for :30, I want to row at a pace I could sustain for 2:00. The work is equal to the rest, because not a lot of recovery is needed between sets. 

Anaerobic- :30on/3:30 off x 5 @ 95% output. Feel: Hard, uncomfortable, balls out, pukey. This is where you can let it all hang out, and go as hard as you can go for the given time domain. However, depending on the athlete this may be a full sprint @ 110% for :30, and for others, the will have to pace a bit so that they can keep their output high for the full :30. The rest period is super long, because if you go anaerobic, you will/should need rest before you are ready to go again. 

Where does this go wrong? There are a few things that can happen when we are trying to separate the two. If you go too hard in aerobic training, you will turn it anaerobic, and this session will be far more taxing than intended by the programmer. You will not recover well, and you will be losing your ability to gain. If you are newer to exercising, you may not be strong or powerful enough to truly get into an anaerobic state on a row or sprint. This is fine, and there is not real negative here, other than not getting in much of a workout. 

So, this week, there are some specific anaerobic pieces. The goal is to go so hard, that you need the rest. Enjoy!!

Happy Rowing, 

Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff












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