Oops: Hell Week

July 9, 2016

Have fun, be safe, be smart, don't go 5 days in a row!

Who are those beauty coaches? 




Here is an interesting article on some nutrition. The article itself is valuable, and also gives you some insight into how one of the top Crossfitters (Marcus Filly) in the world eats, and how much time/preparation is put into his fueling. Even more interesting is the comments section. It shows how emotionally attached people get about nutrition, and how vile they can turn when you tell them they are eating wrong. And also, how stupid people can be.

I am personally not a fan of "If it fits your macros", unless you are a world-class athlete who makes a living off of training. You can be athletic as f%ck, but still be unhealthy. You can have abs, but your insides might be rotten. The benefit of eating healthy goes beyond vanity and performance.

Our eating habits should be developed with the next 50 years in mind, not one weekend of looking sweet (Palmesus). 

Here is the article, thank-you OPEX Fitness once again. 


Here is the Hell-Week Programming



Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff


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