New Cycle!

July 13, 2016

New cycle begins; what fun. There are some atypical movements in here, but remember the more things you can do with your body the better. Competency across broad modalities is real fitness. 

On a side note, I found this Precision Nutrition blog post quite inspiring this morning as I was eating my fruit omelette. It got me waxing philosophical, so bear with me here.

Of course the lessons provided in this article are great, and the stories as well, but what I found most fascinating was the before/after pictures. It's almost a guilty pleasure looking at people in their infinite uniqueness, and also the difference in their eyes between the before and after pictures. These aren't models who are sticking out their tummies for the "Before" picture, and on the same day, getting a spray tan, pumping up, and sucking in their tummies for the "after" picture. These are real people, who all reached their goal, but the results look entirely different. Who's transformation was best? That is a question I hope no one asks.

Infinite uniqueness.....bit of an indulgent phrase, but it is the case, and I used it for a reason.

When people want to start getting in shape, they often idolize a body. For me, it was the rapper "Marky Mark", who later became the famous actor Mark Wahlberg. I seen his body, and thought, "Yep, I'm gonna start pumping weights, because I want to look exactly like him". 12 years later, I have dramatically changed my body, but I still don't look like Marky Mark. I never will. Nor will the people in this article. 



But guess what I do look like. An improved, more fit, and more healthy version of myself with all its flaws and beauty. Unless you are part of the lucky sperm club, and have the genetics to look like an underwear model, no matter what you do (how fit, how lean, how muscular), you may never look like that body you idolize. And guess what, that's just fine. Look at the pictures of these people, and how unique their bodies are before and after. There is no ideal body out there to strive for (despite what Calvin Klein might tell you), and if you do put a lot of effort into looking like a certain body-type you might be perpetually disappointed.

You can only sculpt your statue out of the materials you have been given, and there is beauty and freedom in that.

Anyway, what fun would it be, if we all looked the same? Cough...  Norway.... Cough. Just kidding; even in countries where seemingly everyone is fit and beautiful, the similarities become overshadowed by the uniqueness of the finer strokes of our genetic makeup. 

Revel in your unique beauty, because you've all got it. 

One Love,
Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff




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