Cycle 1-16' Week 2

January 16, 2016


Crossfit 46,

Well, open-season is upon us. What does this mean for you? Even if you are not planning on doing the open, or you are doing it but just for fun, or you want to destory every other crossfitter in your gender, things will look a bit different in the programming from now until February 28th. 


We will be doing much less Tempo work (yay!). The reason for this, is that althought Tempo is amazing, and so beneficial on so many levels, it is slow, and during open season we want to go fast. But, just because the squats are quicker now, doesn't mean you should let technique slide, or allow your midline to loosen. The faster you go, the heavier you go, the tighter you need to be. Keep this in mind as we move forward. Push the weights, but within the limits of good technique. You will get a lot more opportunities to test your limits, and really find out which weights you are comfortable with, and which ones are still challenging. Respect the weight, but don't fear it. 


We will be doing much less interval work, and this is because there are no intervals per se, in The Open. It is mostly amraps, and ladders, and so our programming will reflect this moving forward. Have fun with all the amraps you are getting exposed to, and really focus on your pacing. Now that there is no prescribed rest periods, it is important to work on finding a pace that allows you to move consistently throughout the whole workout, without having to stop and take a 2:00 breather half-way through. The best pacers will move at a constant pace, until the last 10-25% of the metcon, and at this point they will actually be able to increase their pace. 


Much the same, but the focus will definitely be on the movements you'll see in The Open: This means lots of burpees, box jumps, pullups, t2b, thrusters, wall balls, light snatches, light cleans, sh to oh, etc. 

With that in mind we hope your 2016 has started out great, so let's keep the momentum going.

-Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff




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