Jan 11th-Jan 16th Programming

January 9, 2016

Hey 46ers,



Hope you made it through Hell-Week with a smile on your face, a bit of soreness ;)


Here is what to expect in our next cycle. Even though not everyone is going to compete in "The Open" we will have an "open focus" for the next couple of months. Even if you don't feel like you are ready, consider going the open for fun. There are scaled versions for every workout so everyone can compete. 

What this means for our programming, is a bit less structure in our strength work. So, the good news is that you are getting a break from tempo work. However, this does not mean you can relax during your lifts now. When the tempo leaves, the midline stability and strict technique cannot leave. The metcons will also provide an opportunity to push it a bit more moving ahead. You will see lots of amraps, which fall into the time domains commonly seen in The Open. 

Tip on Amraps: Going 100% at the start of the amrap is generally not the best plan becase you will not be able to sustain that pace very long, which results in you needing to rest for a large portion of the amrap. Trying to go unbroken on everything looks cool, but also is not a good strategy. Going unbroken is beneficial, because it is fast, but only if you are 100% confident you can go unbroken for 90-100% of the workout without hitting muscle fatigue. The best approach to an amrap is starting at a pace which you can sustain with zero/little unprescribed rest throughout, with some energy left in the tank to sprint at the finish. Although with this approach you will be moving slower than someone trying to go super fast the entire time/unbroken, it is likely that a few minutes into the workout, they will be spending :30-:45/round resting (not accumulating reps completed), and trying to recover their Heart Rate. Their time spent resting during the workout will give you time to continue logging reps, even at a slower pace. If you don't believe me, test this out on your own. 


Workout: 12:00 Amrap of 15 Calorie Row, 15 pullups, 10 burpees over rower.
Attempt 1: Go as hard as possible the whole time and try to go unbroken. Keep track of total rounds, and how much time is spent resting. 
Attempt 2: Go at a "sustainable pace" from the get go, split up the reps on the pullups, and finish with a sprint. Keep track of your rounds, and time spent resting. 

*The tricky spot is finding the balance between too fast and too slow. With the above experiment, if you go too slow, you simply won't get enough work done, but if you go too fast, you'll spend too much time resting. That is where the art of pacing comes into play. To be able to pace effectively like this you need to know your body, and like anything else, it takes practise. Good luck. 


Have fun this week,

Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff,





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