January 2017 Week 1/Week 2

December 28, 2016


Well another year is upon us, so accepting complete unoriginality, this is a great time of year to look forward to 2017 and what you want to achieve. Goals big or small are great to set, as they can motivate us to improve physically, emotionally, in our relationships, or in the workplace.  


By now, we have all heard of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, which are:


S- Specific (Gain 15kg in my Back Squat vs. Get stronger)

M- Measurable (A goal which you can track and measure as you near it. Losing 5% body fat, which can be measured, vs. “I want to get really lean”)

A- Actionable (You can set/plan/foresee a clear path on how to reach your goal.)

R- Realistic (If you are currently snatching 45kg, do not set a goal of 140kg for this year. Set small realistic goals which you can reach, and the build upon)

T- Trackable ( You can track your progress throughout by some variable. Ie: 1% body-fat loss every 2 months) 



This is a great starting point for setting goals, and reaching them. However, sometimes when goals are set, and you reach them, you don’t feel much different. Or you stick to it for a few weeks or months, then your motivations die off. There are many reasons this may happen but perhaps it is because the goals we set are often based on what we think we should focus on, rather than what has true meaning for us as individuals. This happens to all of us, especially today’s world where our mind are all over-saturated with the pressures of social-media, and endless advertisements telling us what happiness, fitness, or success is. But those ads and social memes often play to our base instincts, and are rather shallow. Adding two questions to your goal setting can make a big difference. 


Ask yourself why, before setting in on a goal?


When sitting down to think out or write down your 2017 goals or resolutions, before you set your sights on something spend some time asking why? Why is this goal important. Imagine what it will feel like if you reach it. Will it truly improve your life? Will you have more friends, be more fulfilled, have more love in your life, and experience lasting happiness as a result? 


Ask yourself how much you are wiling to sacrifice to reach it?


Research in Psychology has shown that a pursuit will be more meaningful and lasting if it involved hard work and grit to reach it. Using weight loss as a goal, there are many different approaches one can take to reach this goal. Some work and change people’s lives, other approaches work for a few months, and then lead to a disappointing regression. In most cases those people who lose weight for life, and find a new normal, don’t do it by drinking some over-priced shake (Herbal Life) and starving themselves. The people who make lasting and healthy changes are those who are willing to re-vamp their whole lifestyle and change as a person. If a change is worth making, the path to get there will likely not be easy. Are you really willing and ready to make a change? 


Best of luck in 2017, and may your resolutions be a path to self-discovery, meaning, and fulfillment. 


Myles Jeffers




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