Crossfit 46 Week 5/6

January 28, 2017


One of the main takeaways I have  from my nutritional education with Opex Fitness and Precision Nutrition is that if you are stressed, you will not absorb and digest your food properly. What this means is that you might be eating 3000 calories of good food each day, but if you are in a stressed state (chronically or periodically), you will not be absorbing all of those 3000 calories and using them for energy and metabolic processes within the body. 

"You can have the most organic, grass-fed, locally grown, artisan salmon, broccoli and avocados, but if your body is stressed, you are wasting your money." 

For this reason your eating habits and practises are just as important as what you eat. If someone is struggling with losing body fat or gaining muscle, they often try to eat more, or eat less, or eat better, exercise more, but nothing changes. 

One of the best changes you can make to your diet is how you eat, and how fast you eat. If you consider a person who chugs down a shake with good ingredients on the way to work while steering his/her Volkswagen with their knees, it is safe to assume his body is not focused on eating, digesting, or absorbing. If you consider someone who cooks their meal, sits down at a table and takes 20-30:00 to eat their meal, it is safe to assume their body is ready to eat, digest, and absorb the food. They are in a much less-stressed state. 

Even if both of these proverbial people are eating the same foods, the environment in which they eat them will change how those foods are processed in the body. 

In short, sit down, chew your food, think about it, smell it, and enjoy it. You will get a lot more out the food you eat.

Here is a blog post by Precision Nutrition which goes into more detail.


Here are the next two weeks of programming. Since the Open is right around the corner, there are more "for time" workouts and opportunities to push. Enjoy. 

-Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff






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