Crossfit 46 Week 9/10. 17.2 and 17.3

February 26, 2017





17.1 is in the books. Very nice to see a non-typical crossfit movement like the dumbbell snatch come into play. Even nicer to see Kristin Holte (pride of Norway) get some FaceTime. She did really well on this workout. This was a non skill-dependant workout, meaning that a non-crossfitter with a good engine and strength would do just fine on this workout, as opposed to a workout filled with hspu, squat snatch, etc. This workout rewarded smaller athletes, as bigger framed athletes like Fikowski and Vellner are simply moving a lot more in this workout than a smaller athlete, like Holte or Briggs. 

Success in this workout was dependant on aerobic base and muscle endurance. The best athletes were able to move steady throughout the first three rounds, and increase pace towards the finish. Given the simplicity of the two movements, this is a will-power piece. How much can pain can you put up with in those final minutes. 

It is likely that 17.2 will be a skill dependant workout, so it would be a good idea to brush up on some of the more technical crossfit skills this week. In between these workouts, the main goal is recovery. There is not enough time in between 17.1 and 17.2 to improve your strength or aerobic base, so the goal is to maintain, keep the CNS primed with high intensity and low volume, mixed in with some long, slow, aerobic work. Do not overdo it. Lifestyle is more important than training during these 5 weeks. Drink lots of water, eat lots of clean food, and ensure that you are minimizing stress in your life as best as possible, while getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night. 

Best of luck on 17.2
-Crossfit 46 Coaching Staff






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